Improve code workflow with git merge uses a patch based workflow in order to improve its software. Today I present a concrete instance where this significantly slowed us down. Views performance work is blocked when it didn’t have to be.

Today, Dries committed a fine patch by Sun which moved a lot of test files into a happier place. After that commit, Dries reviewed Daniel’s Views patch which changed a couple of those same test files. Daniel’s patch failed to apply so Dries changed the issue to Needs Work. This doesn’t need to happen anymore. Git knows about file moves and can overcome this problem when we use it fully. If Daniel’s change was a merge instead of a patch, git uses its ancestry to apply changes to the moved test files. Try for yourself - the commands I ran are below.

We could all increase our velocity by using a merge workflow. Think of all the patches that need reroll currently which would not need reroll. Think of all the patches considered disruptive when they don’t need to be. I know that we can’t avoid all ‘Needs reroll’ events, but we can avoid a lot.

For now, I encourage folks to use d.o. sandboxes or Github to host their forks, and to post git merge commands into the issue queue instead of uploaded patches. Discussion of these changes should remain in the main issue queue. I think we should document this workflow at Git tutorials.

Feedback welcome.

Start from a clean 8.0.x:

# Create  branch whose tip is the commit before Sun's
$ git checkout -b daniel ebace9e
#Apply Daniel's patch
$ wget -O tmp.patch; git apply tmp.patch;
$git commit -am "Fix #1849822. Convert (HTML) view rendering to a render array"
#Switch to main branch
$ git co 8.0.x
#Merge Daniel's patch and watch git's work its magic
$ git merge daniel
Auto-merging core/modules/views/tests/src/Unit/Routing/ViewPageControllerTest.php
Auto-merging core/modules/views/tests/src/Unit/Plugin/Block/ViewsBlockTest.php
Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy.
 13 files changed, 147 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)