Announcing DrupalSpoons

Hi friends. I’m very excited about DrupalSpoons, and would love you to give it a try. DrupalSpoons is a model and a movement. It shows how great development for Drupal Contrib modules can be. DrupalSpoons is a particular configuration of groups and projects built at DrupalSpoons offers Issues, Merge Requests (same as PRs), and CI to Contrib projects. It uses zero custom code (except for the issue migration), since I have no special access to

Please read its and click through the many links there. There you will learn the goals of the project, and more about its implementation. Devel and KeyCDN modules are now developed on DrupalSpoons. For example, observe that all of Devel’s open issues were migrated.

If you maintain a Contrib module, please consider moving it to DrupalSpoons. If you are a contributor, open a “Move to DrupalSpoons” issue for your favorite module. The DA is watching the reaction and adoption of DrupalSpoons. They would love to adopt this “vanilla Gitlab” approach if it works for the community. Try it and see how it works for you. Show the DA that you support this way of working.

If you like my proposal, please retweet and join! I led prior movements in Drupal like and #D7CX pledge, and Drupal Code of Conduct. These movements only succeed with early vocal support.

To discuss this blog post and DrupalSpoons in general, lets use this issue or #drupalspoons on Drupal Slack. Please bring your most positive self :)

P.S. I never set out to build a Drupal project platform. A Devel co-maintainer asked me to fix our Travis tests. I did so on and it Corona-spiralled from there. “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” – Carl Sagan.

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